Podcasts are a free method of entertainment I frequently use to pass time – I have a few different podcasts available for my listening pleasure when I’m at the gym, lounging at the pool, and while traveling by plane or during long road trips.

Podcasts aren’t new, but I only started listening to them in the past couple of years, so I thought I’d list a few of my favorite ones in case you are interested in checking out podcasts for the first time or are just looking for new recommendations.

I’ll try putting them into categories and give a little explanation of each (based on the podcasts’ self-descriptions), and link to their respective sites, where you can usually listen without downloading a file or taking up precious mobile device storage! If you’re like me and prefer podcasts on the go, know that you can also subscribe to any of the podcasts by searching for them by name on your mobile device’s podcasting app. When a new episode is released, you can set the device to automatically download it.

True Crime

  • Sword and Scale – I’m kicking myself for only finding this podcast within the past few months, because I’m absolutely hooked. Every two weeks, this podcast does an excellent job of unearthing the idea that “the worst monsters are very real.” Contains some disturbing content, so be advised! (Appeals to the Law & Order: SVU and CSI: Miami lover in me.)
  • Criminal“Stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” Content in this one is pretty variable and sometimes less to do with “crime” than with the justice system, but an easy and pretty quick listen, as each episode is usually 30 minutes or less.
  • Serial – Season one captivated audiences as Sarah Koenig (from American Life, another podcast I’ll list later) explored a 1999 Baltimore murder case and its inconsistencies. Season two covered the controversial rescue of Army soldier Bowe Bergdahl. Each episode includes interviews with people involved in or close to the case.
  • Undisclosed – This podcast was created in the wake of the Adnan Syed murder trial covered by Serial. This podcast “examines and explores the case from an investigatory perspective instead o of a narrative one.” Excellent for those interested in the legal side of the trial.


  • The Florida Project – This podcast is a fun look at all things Disney. If you’re planning your first visit to Walt Disney World, are a passholder, or just like Disney, this is the podcast for you. Three self-proclaimed Disney “dudes” discuss Disney news and attraction updates; review Disney movies, eats, and rides; and provide an adult-friendly view of Disney in a safe-for-work way.
  • Watch What Crappens – If you’re a fan of Bravo shows (Real Housewives franchise, etc.) then you will love this podcast. Longer than the typical podcast (episodes range from 1.5 – 2.5 hours each), the hilarious hosts openly make fun of the shows while admittedly being obsessed with them. In their own words, “We mock because we love.”


  • This American Life – Each week the podcast has a new entertaining theme and features between 2 and four stories on that theme. Each episode is around an hour each. This is an excellent beginner’s podcast because of its “all audiences” appeal.
  • Radiolab – Similar to This American Life, this podcast features a new theme each week. It describes itself as a being “designed for listeners who demand skepticism, but appreciate wonder.”
  • TED Radio Hour – If you like TED Talks, you’ll definitely enjoy this podcast. Each week covers a new theme and features excerpts from actual TED Talks. This one is excellent if you’re looking for fresh, new ways to think and create.
  • Can I Pet Your Dog? – The perfect podcast for dog lovers! The hosts are enthusiastic about dogs and really love talking about them. It’s a fun and happy podcast – there’s no way you won’t smile during each episode.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and check out a podcast or two! Do you have a favorite podcast you’re dying to share? I love checking out new ones, so feel free to comment with your suggestions!

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