Hello, world!

Nice to meet you! I'm Sarah.

If you have created a website using WordPress, you likely know that "Hello World!" is a built-in blog. As you explore themes and acclimate yourself to all of the tools WordPress has to offer, you can preview how your posts will look, and then invariably delete "Hello World!" and get to writing your own content. 

But a simple "hello, world!" is so appropriate for my first blog. The reason I created this website was partly out of curiosity and mostly out of necessity. More on that in a minute.

I moved to Florida last September, and was able to secure a full-time position at a small but growing company in October. I managed several websites using a different CMS (content management system), copyedited ghostwritten blogs before publishing them to the sites, and managed the company's social media accounts. In August of this year, I was notified that my position was being eliminated at the end of the month. (The company decided to centralize in another state.) I took it well at first and continued putting in long hours to make sure my duties were fulfilled. As the weeks wore on, though, I began to panic; I had no idea what was next.

My boyfriend, who has an amazing entrepreneurial mind, encouraged me to find the things I liked about my job and to pursue them. He asked what title I would give myself so I could focus on these pursuits. "Web content manager" and "social media manager" were two that came to mind. I thought more about freelancing and realized it might be something I can do. In life, nothing is certain. (That much is certain.) But if I ignored the opportunity and got another full-time job without trying my hand at something I actually like, I know I would come to regret it. 

So ... here I am. I bought a domain and created a website. How could I expect to get any work as a web content manager if I didn't have my own, you know, website

Being laid off will be a defining moment in my life. But I will not let my layoff define me. I am determined to move onwards and upwards.

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